On February 14th our class went to the meteorology and climatology institution at the Hohe Warte. As we learned this is the oldest institution of its kind worldwide. Their job is not only the weather forecast, but also to measure earthquakes and warn the public in case of a nuclear incident.


It was very interesting to learn about the weather and earthquake warnings. We also learned that there were lots of false facts about the climate change and global warming all over the media. The woman who presented everything to us told us not to believe everything we read.


The most exciting part of the event was when we watched a weather balloon flying away into the sky. When the woman showed us the sizes of different hailstones, we were a bit scared. And we learned when and why we can see rainbows in the sky. And one thing we hadn’t known before is that there can be hurricanes in Europe too.

I think they could have given us more information on the different jobs people do in the institution, but it was a very nice experience and an insight into the weather forecast and the work the ZAMG is doing for us. In the end we learned some true facts about the climate change.


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